Our team

Ramzul Seraj

Set up a modern paint Factory 2001 called Aqua Paints at Tongi, Dhaka. In 2001 the Industry was one of the most technologically advanced and sophisticated manufacturing facilities in the industry. In addition he is also MD of other units in the Elite family, Elite Garments, Elite Iron and Steel Industries, Aqua Mineral Turpentine and Solvents and Aqua Refinery.

He was born in Chittagong in 1956. His father, Serajuddin Ahmed, was founder chairman of Elite Paints and a pioneer of industry in Bangladesh. He started businesses in banking, insurance, leather, tea, garments, steel and was first in almost all of these areas. Ramzul Seraj graduated in Chemical Engineering from the University of Birmingham. He completed Masters in the same subject in the University of Aston, also in Birmingham. His passion is product quality and development. This is one of the reasons why people believe that Aqua Paints is one brand that outlasts all others in field tests.