Why Aqua ?

Its proven to look better and last longer
We spend a lot of time testing paints — both ours and our competitors’. Our paints are formulated to offer superior performance, and we have the tests results to prove it. If you need superior adhesion and hide, look no further than our Aqua Silk Premium Emulsion and Outer Coat lines of ultra premium paints. Silk Premium Emulsion, the best paint we have ever made, is a low odor, low VOC interior paint that applies easily and provides exceptional stain resistance and washability. Outer Coat offers low VOC, while providing maximum exterior protection. What does this mean for you? These products offer high-performing, durable finishes that help ensure your project turns out beautifully.

Rich Colours
Aqua Paints is aware that color is critical. That’s why our Colour Factory offers over 1,000 colors to bring your idea to life. Note that while minimum quantities apply, samples can be developed with approval. Need to match a colour? We can match it, as we have the best specialists in the business. And, we use unique best in-class colorants, so our paints provide better hide, richer colors and lasting durability — with minimal environmental impact.

#1 choice of painters
Ask any rong mistiri who has used our paints, and they’ll tell you. Aqua Paints has always had an excellent reputation. Those who know paint best know Aqua Paints outperforms and outlasts all other brands, putting us in our own class.

Great Customer service
It is our mission to do whatever it takes to help get your job done perfect and on time.

World class ingredients make amazing paint.
Aqua Paints offers only the finest products, ensuring that your paint project always looks beautiful. We are committed to using only the highest-quality ingredients sourced from the best manufacturers (i.e., titanium dioxide, acrylic resins, color pigments, etc.). In fact, we manufacture our own acrylic resin and sell to other leading manufacturers.

A Green past, present and future
We strive to work in an environmentally sound manner to protect the health and well being of our customers.

Over 50 years of experience
World class products. Knowledge and thought leaders. Reliable customer service. Proven long-lasting performance. That’s why so many painters and customers choose Aqua!